October 2011

After creating a website for my mother's linocuts (ruthcollet.co.uk) I have now gone on to make one for my own drawings which are hidden away in old sketchbooks.

All the drawings I include have been done in the last ten years when I started doing art seriously for the first time. 2001 was when I retired and I then did a two year foundation course at Bristol School of Art at Queen's Road.  After that I turned towards printmaking, ending up mainly doing etchings.  My prints have been seen fairly widely and quite often bought, mainly through my three shows in the St Werburgh's Art Trail; in 2006, 2009 and 2011.  But my drawings, on which my etchings mainly are based, remain unseen in my sketchbooks.

So here are some which I like the best although many are quite simple and minimal.  But I like them like that!

Then I have included some prints, etchings and linocuts, which have been based on drawings

Sadly some of my favourite drawings have had to be left out as I used a pen so fine that the low resolution of the computer screen (72 dpi) cannot reproduce the lines properly.  On the screen the lines look like strings of dots or fade away completely.  In some cases I have fiddled around with the images and making the background yellowy seems to help, so I have included some of these problem drawings.

A linocut of me feeling fed up

And finally on this home page a photo that appears on a BBC webpage of images sent in by listeners to Radio 4 of what they were doing at exactly 5pm  on one particular day,  about which I wrote:  This is a picture of my dining room table at which I have just been doing a linocut.

October 2012  

I have less active this year but have now added just a few more drawings and prints.

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